This is an Update that PDRC received about Benny, a dog we adopted out in the winter of 2012.  

"Bennie boy has really become a member of the family, and everyone loves him.  

He’s very affectionate, craves stroking and petting. Even when he’s riding in the car with me, in the front next to me, his paw comes over – hey, give me some attention! He’s amazingly energetic for a doggie his age, and always wants to do things ‘right now’; hence, one of the words he hears most often from is ‘wait’.

He’s smart and has learned all kinds of things. He owns between 15 and 20 balls (the exact count is hard to establish). He and I play a variety of games, one of them involving – and I kid you not – that I throw him the ball and he tosses it back to me. I fully intend to take a video of that."


Benny on the Couch in his Loving home!

Benny on the Couch in his Loving home!