Romina Stefancic, Treasurer

Romina’s “love affair” with Pointing dog breeds began in 2008, after a friend asked her to dog sit a 6 year old (YOUNG) German Shorthaired pointer named Sara. All that she was told about Sara was that it is impossible to tire her out. As a 2 time Olympian and not knowing anything about German Shorthaired Pointers she gladly accepted the challenge. The task proved to be a little bit more difficult than anticipated. As it turned out daily 20km runs and hours spent at the local dog park did almost nothing to slow Sara down.  


In 2010 Maggie, a one year old GSP, joined Romina’s family and shortly after Sara became a permanent part of the pack. Romina is very excited to be part of PDRC and hopes that more families experience the joy and love Pointing dogs can bring.